Nata Mock Test with Sample Papers

Architects are responsible for a city’s construction and development. Keep in mind that, becoming an architect is not so easy. So to become an architect, it needs some special skills to get qualified. Students, who aspire to become an architect, need to face the Nata exam and score high marks to get placed in reputed architect college across India.  We provide the candidates with Nata sample papers and test them with our nata free online mock test who are going to face the Nata exam to help them, that enables the candidates to perform better in Nata Exam.

Our Nata Mock Test is similar to that of real Nata exam with the question pattern, timing and scoring process. Every Mock Nata test consists of objective type questions and also drawing section. Students undertaking Nata mock test need to sketch, scan and send their drawing to us which will be examined and resend to them. With these Nata mock test students get to know familiar with the exam pattern, which also eliminates the exam fear that many face at the exam center.  So the candidates can get an opportunity to train them in all possible ways. Candidates can take up this Nata online mock test anywhere and with flexible timings.

For every exam, first phase is the preparation. We have bundles of Nata sample papers to help the aspirant students to prepare well for Nata exam. With our Nata sample papers students gets thorough knowledge in their subjects. We cover entire syllabus of Nata exam in our sample Nata papers.

We don’t give sample Nata questions alone, we provide our students Nata sample papers with answers too. This enables students to learn more easily. Our Nata sample papers are prepared by fully qualified professional team. Our Nata sample papers can be easily downloaded from our site for free.

We would like to sum up the benefits of taking up numerous Nata mock tests. Mainly student’s gains more experience before facing the online exams. With the Mock tests students can improvise their time management skills and speed in thinking ability.Our Nata mock test follows the same model to match the real Nata exam pattern.

After all the students preparation with our Nata sample papers we conduct free Nata mock test online, to evaluate the student’s performance. Nata mock test enables the students to rate themselves. With the performance in Online Nata test, students come to know where they are lagging, where they needs improvement , so that they can get an opportunity to correct themselves and so they can achieve in the Nata tests.

When the students attend many nata mock tests, they get exposed to more questions. Hence in exams they face the questions with more ease and as a result they score high marks in the Nata exam. With high score in Nata exam, our students get admission in the architecture college which they prefer.

We can assure our students that they get placed in well reputed college across India in merit basis with their preparation through our Nata sample papers and Nata mock tests.

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How Helpful are Nata Mock Test in Entrance Exams?

While the term entrance exam comes, every student got fear, but why!!! Is because of, they are not that much essential to crack the test!!! Are they immature, that they can’t understand and upgrade themselves as the test is concern!!!  Are the very much aggie to get the points of the entrance!!! Or the cause is they are not efficient and applicable to do so!!!

No, these are not the cause, because every student, every child and each and every human, has his/her own skills and the level of maturity to do anything in the world. But what it all needs to qualify for the great and high valued entrance exams, is a level best of training and education, which makes the student creditable, skilled and mature to get the points of all the lying aspects. You can say, that a student, with the highest ability of reasoning and practical, troubleshoot, also need practices and knowledge to give his best. And if a good student, stop studying and getting the education for a long time, or get it by the wrong way, then he will not be able to get the success in his/her field. That’s why practice and a level best of training are needed. Especially for the entrance exams, because the patterns, the types, the ways, the base and mental ability and strength of the students, the selecting processes all are upgrading and changing day by day. So, if you not get trained for that purpose, and not get the perfect way to crack entrances and tests, then how you will be able to perform!!!

But, it has also been seen that it also happens, that, after giving the training and the coaching, a student get failure, and yes, we can say that, the provided training to that student the provided coaching to that student, was not correct, yes, this also happens that after giving a good training it fails, but very rare time.

Now, what to do, how you can be sure, that which centre you are going is correct and that loves your status. That’s why we are here, we are a good education coaching centre of the entrance exams, having the credits to give coaching on NATA,  provides daily basis best level of coaching classes by the professionals and the class level of mock tests, which makes our students perfect for the qualifying rounds. We have the list of our successful students. We provide daily basis mock test and believe that mock tests help students to being great in the entrance hall. And we also provide –


  • B Arch Entrance Exams Coaching.
  • NATA Sample Papers with Answers.
  • NATA Question Papers.
  • NATA Study Material.
  • NATA Mock Te
  • NATA Online Free Mock Tests.
  • Best NATA Coaching Classes.

And much more, we are in Chennai and in the good locality, so contact us for the level best training as described, and get your goal.

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Take Free Nata Mock Test Online

Many number of centres that are conducting free mock tests for students online to increase their efficiency & proficiency levels. Someone who is interested to learn much more about the entrance exam can look for taking up NATA mock test for scoring high marks. In many ways, it will help to analyze the strengths of a student for reducing and minimizing errors in answer paper while taking up the exam. Expert and efficient teaching faculties give different ideas on how to clear the test with high scores to achieve goals in life. Furthermore, they also show different methods for completing the test on time by improving and polishing the capabilities more efficiently. Many training centres are conducting classroom coaching classes for required students with architects background and professionals to clear the exam without any problems.


The mock test for NATA contains objective & multiple choice questions and other sections which primarily rely in evaluating capacity of students. It is possible to get qualified in the exam with good marks after clearing the test. Furthermore, added that coaching centres offer various types of packages to students for identifying a right program according to student needs. Yet another special feature is that they allow a student to develop and improvise their required skills with practice test papers to clear the entrance exam with ease. Along with these, they show different methods for learning lessons with state of the art and cutting edge technologies to obtain best optimal results. In the mean time, it is also essential to make a survey on the centres in various locations across India before opting services. This will help a lot to complete the exam based on the latest updated syllabus.


Students expecting to get multiple ideas on the test can consider ordering NATA sample papers with answers at flexible rates. Students can download the application forms and prospects required directly from online sources for getting to know more about the services provided. Most of the centres help students to improvise their self confidence levels when taking up the exam. NATA exam mainly concentrates on measuring the applicative skills of applicants who is in need to pursue architecture courses in best institutions, colleges and universities across several states in India. Those who wish to pay fees online securely and without any trouble should follow the rules and regulations for removing unnecessary problems. Satisfaction is guaranteed is the main goal of training centres after admitting students in training programs. It is also quite necessary to read the reviews and testimonials of NATA coaching institutes for selecting various services depending upon the student needs. The training centres also show different ways for students to identify an exact course after passing the exam.

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Shaping the skills in NATA entrance exam with mock tests

Architecture courses today provide excellent job opportunities for students in domestic and international countries. They also offer a wide range of scope for those who want to become an entrepreneur in short period of time. On the other hand, there are only a few colleges and universities in India that conduct B tech, B arch and other degree programs for students to fulfill their dreams. Anyone willing to seek admission in them must clear NATA entrance test with high scores for ensuring a better future. It is really a hard one to clear the exam easily and students must focus on shaping their skills with coaching centers for meeting exact needs. Students can also collect the details from the internet and other sources for choosing a right program.

There are some centers that conduct free mock tests online for students to increase their efficiency levels. Anyone who wants to learn more about the entrance exam can take NATA mock test for scoring high marks. In fact, it will help to analyze the strengths of a student for minimizing errors while writing the exam. Expert teaching faculties give ideas on how to crack the test with good scores to accomplish goals in life. Furthermore, they show methods for completing the test on time by polishing the capabilities more efficiently. Some training centers conduct classroom coaching classes for students with architects and professionals to pass the exam without any troubles.

The mock test for NATA includes objective questions and other sections which primarily aim in evaluating capabilities of students. It is possible to qualify in the exam with high marks after clearing the test. Furthermore, coaching centers offer different types of packages to students for identifying a right program according to needs. Another special feature is that they allow a student to develop their skills with practice test papers to clear the entrance exam easily. Additionally, they show methods for learning lessons with cutting edge technologies to obtain optimal results. At the same time, it is essential to make a survey on the centers in different locations across India before selecting services. This will help a lot to write the exam based on the latest syllabus.

Students willing to get ideas on the test can order NATA sample papers with answers at flexible rates. One can also download the application forms and prospects directly online for knowing more about the services. Most centers help students to enhance their self confidence levels while taking the exam. NATA exam mainly involves measuring the skills of applicants who want to pursue architecture courses in leading colleges and universities across several states in India. Those who want to pay fees online securely should follow the rules and regulations for eliminating unnecessary problems. Satisfaction guarantee is the primary goal of training centers after admitting students in training program. It is necessary to read the reviews and testimonials of NATA coaching institutes for selecting services depending upon the needs. The training centers also show ways for students to identify a right course after passing the exam.

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Importance of Employing Mock Test Papers for Cracking NATA

Each year hundreds upon hundreds of individuals aim to crack NATA or the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. Each individual has his/her unique method of studying or preparing for an aptitude exam, however one element that should certainly be part of one’s preparation program/plan is a nata mock test.

Nata mock test papers help students get an idea as to exactly what they need to be prepared for, if they wish to realize their dreams of becoming an architect. Referring to comprehensive sources such as nata exam study guide and nata study material is crucial for students as they act as a knowledge bank, which contain all the necessary information along with subjects one needs to excel in.

Other resources  

Other resources one must refer to include nata sample papers with answers, nata question papers, nata books and websites which offer abundant information. There is absolutely no dearth of resources and one need not spend a considerable amount of time locating them as searching smartly will yield results instantly. Students are advised to look for as many resources as possible in order to gain in depth knowledge. Other benefits of employing mock test papers and aforementioned resources are listed below.     

Enhancing accuracy

A mock test for nata makes the process of learning and preparing exceptionally simple, as it is an efficient mode of learning and expanding one’s knowledge. Mock tests make students realize exactly how the actual NATA exam will be and how it will take place. With regular practice all NATA aspirants are able to answer questions more accurately, not just because they begin to understand the pattern of questions, but also because their knowledge truly expands.

Any aspirant regardless of his/her current level of knowledge or skill must take a nata mock test online, as such tests help assess one’s current position and determine one’s strong suits and weaknesses. Also, students are advised to remember that weaknesses do not indicate failure; instead they only indicate the areas that one needs to work on and reinforce.

Many aspirants remain constantly anxious as they perceive that practicing regularly through different mock tests may become extremely expensive. This however, happens only to novice candidates or those who were unable to locate nata mock test free online. Nowadays, there is no shortage of nata model papers and nata model papers for answers for students to practice and improve their technique of solving the paper.

Building speed

An aspirant can only improve his/her speed through regular practice. Without solving nata sample papers no student can qualify the exam and become an architect. Once a student understands the pattern of the paper he/she knows what type of questions to expect in the paper. Speed can also be improved by analysing nata jee solved papers as students are able to practise and verify if their answers are right or wrong. Once the pattern is clearly understood, and speed of solving nata test papers improves and students are able to complete solving the paper within the given time.       

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A to Z Information about NATA Examination 2015

Architecture is a lucrative profession which combines technology with creativity; hence many individuals now choose architecture as their preferred occupation. To measure a candidate’s aptitude for this distinctive field of study, each year NATA or National Aptitude Test in Architecture is held by the prestigious Council of Architecture.

Abilities assessed

Nata question papers are set in a manner that assesses the capabilities of an applicant in an in depth manner. Observational and drawing skills apart from sense of aesthetics, sense of proportions and critical thinking ability achieved in a prolonged duration of time are all measured. Since, the study architecture demands all the aforementioned abilities.

The definitive guide  

At, you can realize your aspirations as we offer prompt support before and after you register to answer NATA examination 2015.  We provide additional guidance through our special and well stocked library which houses nata books and nata styudy material and acts as the best nata exam study guide.  Additionally, we proudly present a comprehensive collection of nata model papers with answers and nata sample papers with answers. So now, you can put an end to your quest for nata test papers.

Use the various nata sample papers available at our stupendous website to get a general idea about the type of questions you will be required to answer in order to pursue architecture. We guarantee that our website will prove to be exceptionally advantageous for you since we keep your ease in mind and also offer jee solved papers.

Endless specialties

At, our sole aim is to assist you in every possible manner so that you brilliantly and easily clear NATA examination 2015. In order to aid your success we also provide nata mock test free online. A nata mock test will boost your speed whilst assessing your knowledge and accuracy, so answer numerous mock tests on our website prior to the actual examination, to ensure both accuracy and speed. Furthermore, we recommend that you combine nata model papers and nata mock test papers to prepare in an excellent manner for the upcoming NATA examination. To make your preparation process easier we allow you to download nata sample papers absolutely free of cost. You can save these sample papers, print them or refer to them whenever needed.

Always remember that success is the result of hard work and there are no shortcuts to reach your ultimate goal. If architecture is the discipline and profession that you want to pursue start today and answer nata mock test online. This will help you learn more and determine a pattern in the questions that are asked each year. In fact, by grasping this pattern you will be able to ensure your success and clear NATA examination in the very first attempt. Since, mock test for nata are offered free of cost at our website you can prepare diligently without having to worry about added expenditure.

We are dedicated to helping you, which is precisely why we can proudly claim that ours is the definitive website that every NATA aspirant is bound to trust and rely upon in order to ensure accomplishment of his/her goals. Log on to today.

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Preparing For NATA Exam to Improve Efficiency Levels

National aptitude test in architecture (NATA) is mainly conducted to test the skills of students who want to pursue degree in a top college or university. Based on the test score, a student can seek admission into an architectural institution based on his/her choices in various states across India. It is essential to qualify in the entrance test with good scores before opting for a course which helps to plan a better future. On the other hand, it is really a difficult task to clear the exam without proper coaching.  Students should undergo coaching classes in order to improve the efficiency levels at the time of taking the exam. There are several institutes that offer training to students for achieving goals in an efficient manner.

NATA iNformation Box provides opportunities for students who want to practice the test papers from online. A student can attend NATA mock test online to improve the skills step by step which gives ways for scoring good marks. In fact, it is possible to gain answering abilities in the exam with this test to get desired results. The question and answers are set by expert architects as they cover entire portions of NATA. Apart from that, a student will be able to download free NATA sample papers from the website to get ideas about the exams easily. Mock test packages are available at affordable rates to choose the best one according to needs. In addition, they can be ordered anytime by following simple instructions.

Online library in the website serves as a NATA exam study guide to increase the potentials when writing exam. NATA exam is primarily designed for assessing the intellectual levels of a student who want to become a professional architect. The NATA study material that is prepared by the faculties will enable students to crack the exam with best scores. It also gives ways for learning and understanding the lessons step by step to gain advantages. NATA mock test free online makes feasible ways for shaping the skills extensively to crack the exam with high scores. Information about the packages and other details can be gathered from the NATA information box website to select a right package which suits a student.

NATA entrance exam involves objective type and other types of questions. Hence, it is necessary to prepare for the exam in advance to pursue architecture course in a reputed college or university. The NATA books from the website gives ways for clearing the exam without any difficulties. All the lessons are carefully prepared by the experienced teachers and architects that will help to get good marks in the exam. Tips are also offered by them before taking the exam. Moreover, students can be able to write the test with more confidence levels and knowledge. JEE solved papers are given to architecture aspirants at affordable rates for getting exposure about the exam pattern in a perfect manner. Another advantage is that they show ways for increasing the speeds while answering the questions.

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Benefits of taking NATA Mock Test Online

NATA Mock Test is an online model exam matching NATA exam pattern that consists of two papers. Paper 1 consists 40 objective questions for 100 marks and Paper 2 consists 3 sketching questions for 100 marks. The total test is of 200 marks. In order to pass this test one needs to score a minimum of 80 marks out of 200 marks. Mock Test for NATA helps the aspirants to get familiar with their know- how in the preparation process for the NATA Exam. Many websites also provide Mock Test Package. The packages are sub divided into different categories which may include:

  • Starter Pack
  • Practice Pack
  • Touchup Pack
  • Student Pack
  • Master Pack
  • Expert Pack

Students can avail the package of their choice as per their requirements.

Further, there are various kinds of packages such as Online Library Package, Question Bank Package and so on. A wide range of Mock Tests free online is provided so that one can practice as much as they want. Such online tests benefit the students in many ways:

  • Time saving- Online mock test helps the students to save their time as they don’t have to rush to the coaching centers.
  • Easy Availability-The Mock Tests are easily available on the Internet. One can easily access them as and when they want.
  • Saves money- The online Mock Tests save money as they are cheaper as compared to the coaching institutes.
  • Enhances Knowledge-One can appear for the same mock test again and again. This helps them to enhance their skills and revise the syllabus.

Other than the online Mock Tests, Mock Tutorials and NATA sample papers with answers are also available on the Internet. One can practice them and at the same time find answers to their queries. This also saves their time. Moreover, it is a convenient way of studying.

Due to the easy accessibility of Online Mock Test for NATA, it has become easier for the students to qualify the NATA Exam. The cumbersomeness of carrying and reading heavy books has also reduced to a great extent. Now the candidates of NATA Exam need not consider themselves to be a geek. Also, it diminishes the fear of failure from the minds of the students. Aspirants belonging to any financial class can easily prepare for the NATA Exam and they no more have to worry about the expensive fees of the coaching institutes. This also proves Internet to be a boon for the present education system. It has made learning an easy process. Students can now study at ease and according to their own suitability. No Teacher or Mentor is required. You can be your own teacher and get to know where you stand. Students don’t have to worry about the difficulties of preparing for a competitive exam like NATA. Success now is just a click away! Thus we can say that this test can be easily take online from anywhere as 7 cities are having its centers  so that students can take up the course from any where.

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